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We provide quality translations and interpretations from Polish into English and from English into Polish.

The types of translations and interpretations include the following:

- non-certified translations/interpretations - can be done by translators without formal licences in any situations when it is permissible by Polish law,
- certified translations/interpretations - according to Polish law these can only be provided by sworn translators.

In Poland, the profession of sworn translator is regulated in the relevant provisions of law (Polish Sworn Translators Act of 25.11.2004). In order to obtain the right to practise this profession a candidate must pass a state examination set by the Ministry of Justice in translation and interpretation from and into Polish and a relevant foreign language. Then, a translator is officially sworn in before the Minister of Justice and entered into the official register of sworn translators maintained by the ministry. A primary role of a sworn translator is to provide translations and interpretations for courts and other judicial and state administration bodies.

Certified translations of documents have a traditional paper form with a translator's seal of office and signature on each page accompanied by an official certifying formula. This is a type of translation which, under appropriate legal provisions, most Polish public administration offices and agencies require, e.g. if you wish to contract marriage in Poland, buy a house, set up a company or register an imported vehicle, you will most likely need to have relevant documents translated by a sworn translator. The same applies to any documentation to be submitted to courts or other judicial bodies in Poland. In certain situations, also interpreters must have a "sworn" status (e.g. for interpreting in courts, registry offices, notary offices, etc.).

We offer translations in the following areas of specialization:

- law (including contracts, agreements and any other type of legal or court documents),
- business and commerce,
- medicine (general) and health care,
- finance,
- tourism and ecology,
- real estate,
- advertising, marketing and public relations,
- transport/shipping,
- insurance,
- media/multimedia,
- human resources,
- education/pedagogy,
- sport/fitness/recreation,
- science and technology.

Depending on our clients' needs we are able to deliver translations on a standard, urgent or express basis and are willing to offer attractive discounts for large translation projects.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!