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Price list

Translation rates are calculated on the per page basis, where 1 page of translation includes:

- 1800 characters including necessary spaces for non-certified translations,
- 1125 characters including necessary spaces for certified translations (done by sworn translators) under the relevant ordinance of the Minister of Justice, each started page is counted as a whole one.

The minimum charge for translations of less than 1800 or 1125 characters, depending on the type of translation, is the rate for 1 page.

Non-residents of Poland and companies based outside of Poland (including EU-based companies):

Non-certified translations

into Polish into English
Standard (1-4 pages a day) from €12 from €12
Urgent (5-10 pages a day) + 50 % + 50 %
Express (over 10 pages a day) + 100 % + 100 %

In the case of non-certified translations pricing on a per word basis is also possible with rates starting from € 0.06 per source word.

Certified translations

into Polish into English
Standard (1-4 pages a day) from €15 from €15
Urgent (5-10 pages a day) + 50 % + 50 %
Express (over 10 pages a day) + 100 % + 100 %

We are an EU-registered VAT payer and issue VAT invoices to European Union-based clients (with VAT to be settled by the purchaser in their country in accordance with the rules of intra-community supply of goods).

Additional fees

Specialist texts, including texts of unusual levels of difficulty or narrow expertise + 30-60 %
Translations requiring work outside normal working hours, at weekends and on bank holidays + 100 %
Certified copy of a certified translation (additional copy) 50 % of the price
Proofreading by an English native speaker + 50 %
Proofreading by a professional Polish editor + 50 %


Rates for interpretation are arranged individually depending on the type (certified or non-certified), place, time and subject area of an interpretation project. The services offered include consecutive and liaison interpretation only. As a rule prices for interpretation are calculated per block of 4 or 8 hours with the minimum rate for interpretation shorter than 60 minutes amounting to half a block (2h).

Prices quoted above do not include VAT.

If you would like to receive a more exact quote on your translation or interpretation project, do not hesitate to contact us at: info@englishpolish.eu attaching a text or file to be translated or providing a detailed description of an interpretation job (subject, date, place, time, etc.). Once we have received your query, we will do our best to answer in the shortest time possible.